Planet Uranus zzzZZZZZZZZzzzz
taken from the Bravo twitter. aahahahahahaahahahahahahaha i love it

This photo is everything
I have a racoon hat, I’m an interesting person. Hello. Tom Haverford (via grkid)

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Most intellects do not believe in God but they fear us just the same. Erykah Badu (via thebyanymeansnecessary)

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Once you start getting up in whatever your field is you realize that, oh man, everyone is pretty fucking nice and cool. Is it a coincidence that Amy Poehler is the coolest, nicest person? Will Ferrel is the nicest fucking dude? At a certain point, that is a part of this. You have to be a nice person that people want to work with. When you get to a certain point you can’t just do it by yourself. You need to have a whole group of people that are supporting you to work on stuff. If you’re Amy on Parks, you have the whole cast and all the writers, and everyone’s working on this show that she’s starring in. And she’s so cool and everyone’s happy to do it and everyone’s proud of her and the show and everything. Aziz Ansari (via ericmortensen)

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A lot of people here in northern VA misgender me as a boy and i think it’s because i’m the only girl in a 100 mile radius without a messy bun.

p.s. remember messy buns??!?!?!  in northern virginia they never went away….  it’s like a dress code here.  i’m serious.

p.p.s. messy buns are awesome so no disrespect i’m just sayin “compulsory heterosexuality” would be my VA vanity plate.

p.p.p.s. like almost everyone here has vanity plates hahahahaha

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last night i had a good long cry and took a lavender bath, drank some skullcap in my water, and watched comedy things online.

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