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"While the planets in the signs have specific meanings, their placement in the horoscope is of prime significance.  The zodiac is symbolically divided into twelve segments, referred to as ‘houses.’  The houses determine the affairs of life that the planet will influence when positioned there at the time of birth.  However, this is not as simple as it may sound.  To begin with, each house has many meanings, and the more time one devotes to the experimental side of astrology, the more meanings come into focus.  Therefore to ensure correct chart interpretation, it is necessary that the astrologer determine the most relevant meaning or meanings for each planet at the time of the reading.  This is especially crucial in predictive work."

- Robin MacNaughton’s Sun Sign Personality Guide, p. 14, 1977

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I’m drinking some hot mulled cider and about to answer some questions!!! #witchcraft
crystal ball


fruit bowl statue on roof

"As the old nurses quarters is a long way from the road, a lot of people haven’t noticed the pots of fruit up on the roof, from the distance they just look like chimney pots." - [Sir Pete’s]

A small adorable statue of a bowl overflowing with fruit sits inconspicuously atop the roof of the nurse’s building.

Denbigh Asylum (nurse’s quarters) in North Wales, UK

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back in action
making an escape plan
eating a tuna sam

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most special shiny bits box <3

Annapolis, Maryland

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