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The Virgin emblem traditionally symbolizes the pure love of all things. And Virgo is the expression of purity and perfection, the Virgin of honour and unconditional love. There is the inherent virtue in Virgo that smells of fresh heaven dust. And this is like the purity of angels and heavenly dwellers, who are partners in service like Virgo.

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Waterlily by Niklasphotose
Gold Topaz

"Gold Topaz - This has always been regarded as a stone of wisdom and protection.  It gives Virgos the courage and perseverance to implement their life plans.  It ensures that they work honestly and fairly at achieving them.  Gold topaz is also the gemstone of self-realization."

- Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Dr Flora Peschek-Böhmer and Gisela Schreiber, p. 37, 2002

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Bey and Mama Knowles!


Taurus: Composure
Virgo: Embroidery
Capricorn: Crystallize

Earth signs don’t tend to believe in ‘forever’. They too are entranced by the blossom and colours of flowers to think about forever. As flowers wither and fall back into the ground to re embody the source that has nourished them for so long, Earth signs see themselves as the naturalistic process that they will eventually return to

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Pic of the wheatfields of the Palouse area in Washington

"Gold Topaz is considered a rock of wisdom and protection. Topaz gives Virgo the courage and perseverance to carry out their life plans. This ensures that they work honestly and are able to make sacrifices to achieve their goals. Gold topaz is a gemstone for Virgo that helps realize themselves in the surrounding circumstances."

Virgo.  The sixth sign of the zodiac.  The mutable quality of the earth element.  Symbolized by the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, indicating the gathering in of material needs at harvest time.  In a similar fashion Virgos collect, store, digest, and assimilate all their experiences.  This sign signifies the adjustment and reorientation of the self through discrimination, mental analysis, attention to detail, service, and health.

Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the mind, in its more analytical approach.  Associated with the intestines, spleen, and organs of assimilation.  The Sun is in Virgo between approximately August 21st and September 21st.”

- Running Press Glossary of Astrology Terms, 1977, page 97

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Fallplosion at Mount Rainier by Fresnatic on Flickr.

_DSC5736 Sonnenuntergang im verschneiten Wald - Sunset in snowy woods (by baerli08ww)